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CEO of Macversity Group Limited, global thought leader, an avid philanthropist, International public speaker, Author – Get Pregnant Before marriage 

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About Me

Emetu Kalu Macduff Chukwuebuka popularly known as “Cosmic Macduff” is a global thought leader, an avid philanthropist, and the CEO of Macversity Group Limited (, a firm of professional consultants established in May 2018 that specializes in ISO consultancy & certification, Professional Trainings, Research & Development, Strategic Consulting, Benchmarking, HR Outsourcing and Educational Management in Line with ISO standards and implementation. MGL is focused on providing high-quality Management and Strategic Consulting Services. Macversity Group Limited Consultants have combined more than 100 years of leadership, management, and supervisory experience. Their proven tools have helped thousands of employees and organizations be more effective, efficient, and successful.


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He is a graduate of Abia State University, Uturu, Abia State, Nigeria with a Bachelor of Science Degree in Political Science. He is a certified Master Life Coach from the School of American Union of Nero-linguistic Programming and also Certified as a Lead Auditor/Lead Implementer in ISO 9001:2015 Quality Management System from PECB Canada Macduff is a certified graduate member of the Chartered Institute of Public Management of Nigeria (CIPM). He is certified in Human Resource Management (HRM) from “Envirofly, United Kingdom”. He is certified also by “Envirofly, United Kingdom” as a Health, Safety and Environment personnel.

Cosmic Macduff is certified in Project Management from Pinnacle Project Managers, Nigeria, and also certified in Leadershift Masterclass after being trained in the School of Intensive Leadership, Nigeria. He is a principal partner of the Professional Evaluation and Certification Board (PECB) Canada and also the Principal Partner of London Academy Business School (LABS) in the United Kingdom.

He possesses years of consulting experience working in Human Resources Management and Quality Management System Consulting firms and serving as a Quality Manager and Human Resource Business Partner, Consultant and Advisor by providing expertise and supports for complex HR issues and Quality Management System issues while exhibiting core skills in HR generalist and Quality Management System, SWOT analysis, organizational development, human capital development, HR policy formulation and interpretation, employee and labor relations, job design and evaluation, talent management, payroll and benefits administration, recruitment, learning and development, performance management and change management.

His consulting and management background places him in a vantage position to exhibit his organizational effectiveness and development skills, business process re-engineering, business simplification and strong systems-thinking abilities, human capital development, and community services. He has over the years implemented ISO standards like ISO 9001:2015 Quality Management System, ISO 45001:2018 Occupational Health and Safety, ISO 14001:2015 Environmental Management System, etc for different organizations like Sarsoli Industrial Company Limited, LN Networks, Younes Power System Limited, Olashore International School, CraneBurg Construction Limited, Five Star Construction Limited, Spears Investment Limited and many more. Aside from his technical expertise and experience in core HR and Quality Management System, over the years, Emetu has also researched, designed, supported, and managed diverse training projects on a broad range of courses.

He coordinated and facilitated training’s through instructor-led learning, e-learning (audio-visual), and blended learning, adopting the ADDIE model of training development and the Kirk Patrick model of training evaluation. He is a good sort after National Leader, Public Affairs Analyst and Anti-Corruption Crusader;

An Advocate for Youth Empowerment and National Development. His primary areas of influence and engagement spread across Raw sex Relationship and Marriage counseling, Quality Management System, Professional Trainings & Certifications, Politics, Public Speaking, Writing and Publishing, Career counseling, and Development, Life Coaching, On-Air Personality, Project Management Consulting, Raising New Leaders, Youths Engagement, Political Advocacy, and Nation Building. In the past few years as a Change Advocate and Nation Building Crusader, he has collaborated with different Pressure Groups, NGOs, Community, and Grassroots Associations on ways to drive CHANGE in Nigeria.

He is the Convener and National Coordinator at STEP-UP NIGERIA. A network of concerned citizens of Nigeria advocating for Positive Change in the country. With the mission of mobilizing Nigerians to take a stand against corruption and bad leadership. He also seeks targeted solutions to the challenges facing African nations including Nigeria with a round-table and indigenous grass-roots approach. He is the Lead Project Manager and Vision Bearer of Makoko Tour under the umbrella of his foundation “Macversity Foundation”, an initiative that is poised on bridging the gap between skills acquisitions and financial empowerment. The purpose is to give direct resources to skilled people in the city of Makoko so they can sustain the skills they have acquired thereby making their daily income.

On the 15th of December, 2018, he gave out 10 sewing machines and 400 pieces of mosquito nets to people in the city of Makoko. Today, those people are now stable in their line of business as entrepreneurs. Visit the link to read more

He derives pleasure in assisting Individuals, organizations to create winning strategies, but beyond that, he is passionate about seeing strategies translate to tangible results, high performing organization, and a well-motivated and engaged workforce among people he comes in contact with. Cosmic Macduff just wants to be part of success stories, seeing his community, Nation, and continent transformed into a better place where everyone can be proud of.

Cosmic Macduff is the winner of the award of Distinguished Project manager at the Ambassadors Summit 5.0 He has won the award of Best Human Resource Manager at The Pinnacle Project managers during his National Youth Service Corps He has won the award of Worthy Ambassador Abia State University, Uturu, Abia State. He shares the belief that to birth positive change in Nigeria and the world, the youths must be positively engaged in leadership. He is the Author of “GET PREGNANT BEFORE MARRIAGE and BEING WHAT GOD WANTS YOU TO BE”

He also beliefs that when we have real people, we create real stories and together we make real change. Also, his beliefs that love is to be Humane which has generated his slogan “Keep Living for me and the world. I value you.”

About the book



While pursuing our dreams, we search for opportunities continuously, work immensely hard, and try to accomplish everything at a time.

Facing failures and rejections on our way to success, we may encounter series of disappointments. But, the essential thing is never to give up but continue to work hard and smart. Sometimes failures lead to greater successes, through these failures; we discover how we can do exploits in different fields. What really matters is that, at the end, we can be happy with what we do. Girls, never lose hope, work hard, and you can achieve your dreams.

The World has changed. The world is still changing and the evolution of man is something we cannot over emphasize. I see a world where women will be taking lead in every aspect of life endeavors because of their tenacity and passion which they put into what they are doing.

GET PREGNANT BEFORE MARRIAGE is a controversial title for a book that seems to put a meaning to a real pregnancy. This is because our culture does not promote a woman getting pregnant before she gets married. However, we are not talking about real physical pregnancy. We are talking emphatically on the type of pregnancy that defines hard work, self-development and a value driven woman.

In this book, it reveals what it really takes for a woman to be strong in all ramifications of life and how her life can be great through acquisition of value system.


Every young woman wants to be a success in her personal and professional life. But the path to success can be tricky and navigating because it requires that you become proactive in several aspects of your life.

But with some dedication and by following some key tips shared in this book, you will pave the way to personal and professional success.


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Get pregnant before marriage is not just a book but a trans-generational gift and life guide to all the Female folks.

Having gone through this book and saw the amazing treasures loaded in it that will transform and position every woman to become automatically pregnant with vision and dreams, thereby leading to Leadership.

The women folks are more than mere gender and weaker vessels physically, but according to this book, they are loaded with power on the inside, emotional power, will power, resilient, dogged, faith, with a never say die spirit.

Like, it’s rightfully pointed out in this book, women has evolved beyond kitchen and children making factory  to organizational founders, fortune 500 leaders, country president, cabinet members, political and economic consultant, and lots more.

Their worth and power cannot be underrated, there is so much in a woman, much more than mere beauty, shape and sex toy… Their worth and value, when unleashed to homes, families, companies, countries, communities etc., it can cause a massive revolution.

I recommend this book for all women folks.

It’s more than a book.

It’s a compass

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